An Opening-Night Tour of the New Truck Yard on Lamar St. in East Downtown

Opening-night observations from the new Truck Yard a block east of 59: “The Rockets game [just] finished so there were not a lot of people there yet. Ferris wheel did not seem to be operational and I’m not sure whether it’s just for looks or not. Either way, it was a bit of a maze walking around.”


Ship up to the second floor after reviewing the Astros’ game 6 box score:

The bar and its new-ish neighbor Rodeo Goat — which sits beyond the brick wall shown below — took over their venues from a warehouse complex that once held down the whole block bounded by Hutchins, Dallas, and St. Emanuel.

Also in attendance last night: actual trucks, mostly of the food-service variety:

Photos: Marc Longoria

Fueling Station

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