An Urban Winery in Houston; Auctioning Off Relics of North Forest ISD


Photo of Amtrak train downtown: David Elizondo via Swamplot Flickr Pool


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  • The fight with the church in Sugar Land is interesting to me. There already are large church buildings on that property, seems to me that this is a fight similar to the Ashby fight. People trying to control the development on property they don’t own.

  • I agree with Drew. The Sugar Land church fight is one to watch.
    It’s worth noting that Sugar Land prides itself on it’s Zoning Ordinance. They enforce it too – I’m speaking from experience on that. But there’s still a fight over development? Kind of throws a wrench in the notion that zoning prevents these things….

  • In some locations in the U.S., local residents have grown used to the practice of being able to pretty much shut down a project they don’t like even if it meets the zoning requirements; sometimes such discretion is actually written into local development ordinances. San Francisco probably has the most famous example, though it’s common in many SF Bay Area cities and counties. I wonder if many Sugar Land residents have lived in such places and bring those kinds of expectations with them.

  • Stuff like Ashby happens less often in Houston than in zoned cities. My small suburban township in Pennsylvania, with around 13,000 people, has several similar fights going on right now, stupid signs and all.