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  • Do people really pay nearly a million dollars for 3k sq ft of stucco, concrete floors, and guaranteed floods? I’m no expert on Anahuac prices, but this looks outrageous.

  • For that kind of money, I would expect a REAL driveway, not gravel. If that is an example of professional landscaping, I sure wouldn’t use them again. Only minimal landscaping in front of the house. Throwing out a few palms in the back isn’t landscaping. The outdoor kitchen needs a cover. Would be unbearable to cook out there in summer, even with the breezes off the bay. Personally, I like the stained concrete floors, and it makes sense in this location. The only thing I see that would drive the cost up is that it is bayside, but it doesn’t even have a dock that I can see.

  • If you were going to live there why not just by the lot next to it for 300k and build something raised up that wont flood? (Well flood as badly) :-)