And Another Wine Bar: Shady Grocery Going Crisp

The owners of Pub Fiction and Shot Bar in Midtown plan to make over the former Shady Grocery at the corner of Bevis and 23rd St. in Shady Acres into Crisp Wine Bar and Eatery, which will also feature craft beers on tap, an “Italian-influenced” menu (including pizza and deli-style hoagies), a retail wine shop, and a separate entrance for customers who just want to order takeout. Also: a patio next to the kitchen’s new herb-and-vegetable garden that’ll be carved out of the asphalt. Guy-in-charge Al Scavelli tells Swamplot many of the details are still being worked out, but he hopes to open the place at 2220 Bevis up by next January.


Photos: Candace Garcia

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  • Anyone else get the feeling that the turn-the-craptacular-retail-box-into-a-wine-bar/foodie-hangout will be a passing fad?

  • I would to see how they manage to make this building work.. It would make a good Pizza Hut..

  • Oh, good! I lived just around the corner. We’re getting closer and closer to becoming the back roads Washington Ave.

  • that building is pretty shitty. been vacant at least 3-4 years. good luck to them.

  • I think this is a great use of this property. It’s better than sending another building’s worth of rubble to the dump. Look at what Antidote did with an old laundry mat and I anticipate good things for Liberty Kitchen at Studewood/11th. These buildings are here, let’s use them. I anticipate this fad lasting until all the old stop-and-robs are full of new businesses.

  • Anything the Pub Fiction/Shot Bar/Ei8ht crew puts their master minds to, will be a success! Can’t wait to see it up and running!

  • I live around the corner from this building and talked to one of the owners this morning about some branding work for the new place. They’re looking at being open by April. The progress already looks great.

    I agree, let’s support the redevelopment of old buildings like this with good bones. This will be a great addition to the still developing neighborhood.

  • They have done a beautiful job with this building. I wish you would show the after picture. While they haven’t opened, I believe they are close.

    I was so happy to see that something useful was built here, using the old building that has been there for so many years. I hate seeing places in our area torn down for more cookie cutter houses. Can’t wait to try them.

  • Spoke to one of the owners today, he says they hope to be open by early November. The building looks nothing like the old grocery it once was.

  • We visited crisp last night for some drinks. So many good things to say about the new place. Great service, friendly staff, good beer and wine selection, and very cozy. Go visit and enjoy. This place is going to do great.

  • Well to the folks who thought it couldn’t be done….we visited last night and saw first hand what they did with the place! Amazing! I couldn’t belive it was the same building. Attentive and friendly service, good wine and beer selection, and the food was awesome! Check out the brisket burger!

  • If you would like to see afer pictures, menu go to