And by the Way, Swamplot Is Hiring

Are Houston’s peculiarities something you’re passionate about? Do you enjoy delving into this city’s neighborhoods, its architecture, its strip-mall secrets? Would you like a blogging gig that puts you in prime position to sift through, spill, and ’splain the latest local real estate happenings? Good news for you, then: Swamplot is looking for a reporter-writer.

We’re looking to hire someone who can research, report, and write quickly and well; who’s attentive to detail, careful with facts, and has a good sense of humor; who can work independently and communicate well; and who can spit out accurate and entertaining posts faster than Swamplot’s big and highly engaged audience can spit back. We’re seeking someone who understands this site and how it works, and who will bring ideas and energy to make it better.

Here’s how to apply for this full-time position:


Just send us an email with “reporter-writer position” in the subject line. Introduce yourself in a single paragraph and add another paragraph explaining why you’re interested in the job. Attach a resume and writing samples if you’ve got them on hand (but they aren’t required). If you’ve got a blog, Tumblr, Pinterest board, or Twitter account, be sure to include links to them, and maybe point us to some highlights. If we’re interested in what we see, we’ll follow up quickly.

Photo: Flickr user DrPantzo [license]

15 Comment

  • I volunteer to continue making snark, offensive, yet entertaining comments for free.

  • I voulenteer to make consistent spelling and grammar mistakes while only reporting on the east end of downtown

  • This could be a very fun job for someone. Please pick a person who is sassy, sarcastic, and not afraid to stir it up and be a little provocative and PLEASE let this person pick the Comments of the Day! We’d get some fun discussions:)

  • Does this mean an increased frequency of posts?

  • I think we should have celebrity guest bloggers. I say start with Magic.

  • Right, where is Magic?

  • Swamplot needs ground floor retail.

  • Hire a wordpress pro to develope (read: install plugin :) a comment system w/ logins so comments at least stick to a user account (even if it stays anonymous)

  • Please leave comment section as it is (i.e., without fixed user accounts)–Swamplot comments have the right mix anonymity, anarchy, and sophistication.

  • I always thought Swamplot was just some guy/girl with a lot of time on his/her hands.

  • Can we get the same the same reply style as Reddit where replies “stick” to the parent comment? A big reason I love Swamplot is reading the back and forth between commenters, but it’s hard to follow with all the scrolling around following @poster trails.

  • @Is, based on what we’re allowed and not allowed to post about, Swamplot is a girl who lives close to Montose, may be gay or is pro-gay, has some self image issues and is moderately liberal although allowing a conservative idea be voiced once in a while. She is pro-bike but not necessarily anti-developer. She likes the power of keeping the trolling at bay but also works to live not lives to work, hence taking weekends and holidays off.

  • Larry: You could still have the ability to post w/o logging in. I’d like to be able to see various replies and conversations without having to hunt for them.
    The comments and conversations between people are my favorite part of the site (and I assume I’m not alone). So anything to improve the ability to follow a thread would be welcomed.

  • Someone who gives a focus to Houston’s ever growing transit issues and updates would be nice! I feel as though i’m reading old news sometimes! But i guess that’s what Houston Tomorrow is for though!

  • So, if commonsense is right, then Swamplot is … me.