And July Is Meat Candy Month

AND JULY IS MEAT CANDY MONTH Its first Houston store (at Main and Kirby) apparently a patty-smashing success, 3 new Smashburgers are now ready to open in a few other strip centers: “First up is a restaurant in the Westchase area at 10705 Westheimer, Suite C, opening on July 15. A second will open July 22 in the Energy Corridor at 1635 Eldridge (Eldridge and Briar Forest). And a third, located at 5520 Buffalo Speedway (Buffalo Speedway and Bissonnet) in the West University area, will open July 29.” [Eating Our Words; previously on Swamplot]

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  • I’ve always been a big fan of Beck’s Prime but since Five Guys and Smashburger have come to town I haven’t been to Beck’s.

    I’m not ready to say either of these places are better than Beck’s but they’ve got some more competition now.

  • I never understood the fascination with Beck’s Prime. To me it a ho-hum hamburger.

    There are many more places to spend $9 for a much better burger.

  • I think this is the first time I’ve ever disagreed with you kjb. :)

    There might be a few better places but I don’t stray too far from home for a hamburger. Burger Shack near Dairy Ashford and Memorial is another good one. I really like Papa’s Burgers also.

    Everyone raves over Lankford’s but I found it underwhelming. A little too dry for my taste.

  • I much prefer a burger at Barnaby’s or even Cafe Express.

    Pappa’s Burger are awesome. I can’t go there often or I’ll have to a get new pants.

  • Smashburger at least tries to be a little different. Their rosemary fries are great. Their vegetable frites, while not out-of-this-world, at least offer an alternative side to fries and rings.

  • My vote goes to Miller’s. I’ve only been to the Garden Oaks location at N. Shepherd and 34th, but there are a couple others around town. The sloppy chili cheeseburger is my favorite. There’s usually a long line at lunch during the week, but it’s worth the wait in my opinion. My only complaint is that they close early on Saturdays and they’re closed on Sundays.

  • I don’t care for Beck’s burgers, but it’s hard to beat their milkshakes and their patio on a nice day, especially at the Augusta or Dairy Ashford locations. :)

    In other news, yay for more Smashburgers! (Although I still prefer Five Guys for all my chain burger expansion needs.)

  • For it’s time, Beck’s was fabulous.

  • Smashburger…there’s just something about them I can’t put my finger on. But hands down, the best restaurant/fast food burger I’ve had. Especially the 1/2 lb. mushroom swiss.

  • If you are trying Smashburger, I recommend that you consider the fried egg topping. It really puts the burger over the top.

  • I haven’t tried the fried egg thing at smashburger, but I have tried it at a burger joint somewhere in the midwest. It does add a nice touch to a burger!

  • Try the swiss mushroom burger (even if that’s not usually your thing) at Christian’s Tailgate and the buffalo burger at Pete’s Fine Meats. You won’t be disappointed!

  • I agree about Christian’s Totem/Tailgate!! I’d also add the Hub Cap Grill on Prairie in Downtown. Very small place, but totally worth it!

  • I’m trying to find the entry on his blog, but Michael Berry had a best burger in Houston contest on his radio show on 740 KTRH a couple months back.

    In his blog post, it listed all the nominations and listeners voted.

    Little Bitty Burger Barn won, but there was an impressive list to be had. I think anyone would die of a massive coronary blockage before they could finish all the good places in the course of a year. Props should go to the local restaurants in the region that give us all a chance to call one our favorite!

  • Tookies in Seabrook was always my favorite but Ike then DOT closed them for good, thanks for all the great ideas, my calendar is full now. Bellaire Broiler Burger is worth a visit as well.

  • In-N-Out Burger.

    I been ruint.