And Now, Ladies and Germs, Please Give a Hand to the Midway Companies’ Next Development

Okay, which one of you sneeze-and-greet types was the inspiration for a local real-estate development and investment firm to get into the hand sanitizer business? Yes, those little single-use rip-and-squeeze packets of B4 Hand Sanitizer you’ve seen at Eddie V’s and your favorite Sysco-supplied restaurants are the latest project of the Midway Companies, best known locally as the developers behind Town & Country Mall replacement CityCentre. Company CEO Brad Feels says it was a pre-dining encounter with an outstretched, just-sneezed-into hand that inspired him to create and market the product: “At that moment in the restaurant, I looked down and wished that there were hand sanitizers where the Sweet’N Low packets were,” he tells the HBJ‘s Allison Wollam.

The company’s next real-estate acquisition: shelf space at H-E-B and Rice Epicurean markets, where boxes of B4 packets will be stocked for sale in the next 2 weeks.


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