And Now, the Final Category in This Year’s Swampies: What Was the Greatest Moment in Houston Real Estate in 2012?

We’ve announced 6 categories so far in the 2012 Swamplot Awards for Houston Real Estate: Favorite Houston Design Cliché, Best Demolition, the Swamplot Award for Special Achievement in Traffic, the “It’s Alive!” Award, Most Overlooked Neighborhood, and Neighborhood of the Year. That’s a lot of ground to cover. What’s left?

Here it is, the 7th and final category. And probably the biggest of them all: What was the Greatest Moment in Houston Real Estate of 2012?

Covering great moments in Houston real estate is the whole point of Swamplot; it’s why we’re here. Browse through the site if it’ll help you to draw up a list of contenders; or raid your own memory banks. (Did we miss a few big happenings this year?) Tell us what moment deserves this recognition — and why.

A great moment is lost if there’s no one there to chronicle it or cherish it. Which is why we need your help. Add your comments or send us an email describing the moments you’d like to nominate. (If you’ve got questions about how to make a nomination, you’ll likely find the answers here.)

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  • My favorite real estate moment was the beginning of renovation work on 806 Main, to turn it into a Marriott hotel. It was the city’s first skyscraper, built in 1912, but had its original facade covered up in a 1960’s modernization. The plan for the hotel is to restore the original facade.

    A lot of historic buildings in Houston have been demolished… this time we’re more or less bringing one back from the dead.

  • Without even a hint of snark, I will nominate the opening of the Asia Society center. Great architecture, great art gallery exhibit, great resource, great neighborhood, and great event.

  • KBR selling that giant parcel of land just east of downtown.

  • I’d say the best moment is that 2012 ( esp. the 3rd quarter) was the year that residential home values took off again after a 3 year hiatus during the Great Recession. I don’t have all the latest stats in front of me, but from what I’ve read, the median home price is up, the number of homes sold in October of 2012 was up 35.1% year over year, and Houston has turned into a seller’s market, with just a 4 month supply of homes according to HAR. The housing supply is at it’s lowest level since December of 2001. The response has been that builders are again getting construction loans to put up new units. Though the nation is trending this way as well, but Houston is leading the trend nationally.

  • Biggest event? Someone finally bought that crappy tear down on your block and actually tore it down.

  • Work finally beginning on at least one part of Regent Square, some 7 years after announced.

  • I’ll second shadyheightser (#4). In the past couple of months I’ve noticed movement on empty lots and that teardowns are again going for more than lot value . I guess the little red survey flags popping up all over the Heights are indicators of a strong economy.

  • yes yes the Asian Society center is amazing! We are sooooo artsy!

  • The passing of the bond for the Bayou Greenway initiative as well as the implementation of the Buffalo Bayou Partnership’s master plan for Buffalo Bayou between Shep and downtown. Sure, the real estate market in Houston making a major comeback and there are big projects breaking ground all over town and other potential big projects in the whisper stages. But, the bayou greenways and Buffalo Bayou master plan could really be transformative of Houston. The new parks and improved drainage would attract major new development in many areas that have been neglected for decades (area developers help pushed the bond). Plus, it would give Houstonians the chance to have miles of trails for running and cycling. Cycling could also become a real means of commuting for many instead of the silly little bike lanes painted around town a decade ago.

  • The sale of One and Two Shell Plaza for $550 million, the buildings that launched Hines.

  • Totally agree with Old School. The Buffalo Bayou master plan will give houston a great center peice.

  • Buffalo Bayou project all the way. I am really excited about this particular project and also the entire Bayou Greenways Initiative. The word “transformative” often lends itself to hyperbole, but in this case I think it is an apt description.

  • Agree with Old School….the bayou projects.

  • The Buffalo Bayou plan is the Greatest INNER Houston ‘LAND USE’ event of the year…
    but for Houston Real Estate recognition, I feel it has got to be the ground-breaking of the Exxon-Mobil campus in Houston’s ‘burbs. This will have lasting effect…