And Now, Watch the Red Line Rush From Bell St. to Burnett Station and Back in 49 Seconds

AND NOW, WATCH THE RED LINE RUSH FROM BELL ST. TO BURNETT STATION AND BACK IN 49 SECONDS Take a break from the Downtown bustle, even if its just for a couple of seconds — frequent Swamplot photo contributor Jackson Myers captured this sped-up video of a light-rail ride from Bell St. up to Burnett Station, and even manages to hop in the conductor’s compartment for the return trip. Video: Jackson Myers via Swamplot inbox

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  • nice traffic light synchronization there metro…..

  • Speaking of traffic lights and METRORail….I’ve always wondered why when the train goes through an intersection the cars can’t go through at the same time. They always get a red light!

  • @Walker… because we have dumb ass drivers that think they can beat the train and turn in front of it. Likely the same drivers that drive between recently lowered railroad crossing arms.

  • My thought about the 4 way traffic stop at an intersection every time a train passes is that it was some sort of effort intended to decrease accidents. I know it’s crazy. I’ve never lived in a city where light rail stopped traffic parallel to it at intersections, but Houston drivers are stupider than average drivers. Hopefully it’s a temporary measure and might be lifted some day when people stop driving into the trains?

  • @JM I doubt it. Main St. was always a 2-way with no left turns allowed off of it in downtown and midtown and yet people continued to make left turns before and after the light rail went in. In Houston traffic signs and lights are just a suggestion!