Andy Fastow Comes Halfway Home

ANDY FASTOW COMES HALFWAY HOME The Enron trial star rolled into town from Louisiana with an entourage yesterday to begin a 6-month stay in an unidentified Houston halfway house. The former CFO of Houston’s most famous company ever pled guilty to 2 charges of conspiracy for misleading investors about Enron’s pretty darn tricky financial situation; he began a 6-year sentence — marked down from 10 for some good testifyin’ — in 2006. Fastow is scheduled to be released on probation and go all the way home on December 17th. [Houston Chronicle]

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  • Ahhh yes the ex-con married to the Weingarten chick..well I imagine he will keep a very low profile…I wonder where he hid his money…probably the same place Ken Lay is living.