Animal Attraction: Mecox Gardens Opens in Highland Village

“Our primary emphasis is a dedication to achieving an overall balance between the interior and outdoor living environment,” reads the copy on the home page of the Mecox Gardens website.

A tour of the new Mecox Gardens store that just opened in the Highland Village Shopping Center reveals part of the magic Mecox formula for achieving that inside-outside balance: Bring in the prints of animals. And bring in the animal prints!

Paloma Contreras, who runs Houston’s La Dolce Vita blog, took these photos on a recent visit. Mecox Gardens features “vintage and reedition” home and garden furnishings.

So here’s a reader challenge:


Only two of the interior photos shown here don’t contain anything with a zebra print. Can you find them?

Need to see closeups? Larger versions of these pix, and a more extensive tour of the new store, are at La Dolce Vita.

Photos: Paloma Contreras (interior shots) and Mecox Gardens (exterior)

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  • This store is fabulous! It brings a different look that has been missing in Houston. It has a very relaxed vibe and
    the staff is very friendly. Check it out.

  • Thank you so much for the mention! I’m glad you enjoyed my post. Have you made it into the store yet? I am head over heels for it!