Another Buyer for HP Parts

ANOTHER BUYER FOR HP PARTS Somebody’s interested in those 8 empty office buildings on the former Compaq Computer campus off 249 and Louetta: “A little more than a year after Hewlett-Packard Co. put its 103-acre office campus on the sales block, the computer company is working with a buyer to finalize a sales agreement. Sources involved with the deal tell that following months of negotiations, the 2-million-square-foot office campus could be under contract within the next few weeks to a local buyer.” [Globe St.]

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  • anyone heard who the buyer is?

  • A little bird told me that it was Exxon Mobil, but AFAIK that’s only a rumor.

  • they were my first thought Jay

  • ExxonMobil? That would be a surprise. ExxonMobil owns huge amounts of land in Harris County, and doesn’t need more. Unless the plan is to move all of the folks working around Houston out that way to a single campus. I don’t see the troops being happy about that, if it were to happen.