Another New Restaurant in an Old Old Sixth Ward Building?

A reader frequently on the lookout for new TABC signs has noticed one in the window of this former lounge at 908 Henderson, just a block south of Liberty Station on Washington Ave. Says the sign-spotter: “I was always told [this] was going to be a pizza place but never really believed it.” Does that sound too good to be true? County records don’t show a change in ownership of the 1915 3,036-sq.-ft. structure since 2008, but the TABC sign the reader saw does appear to date to this June.

Photo: Swamplot inbox

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  • HCAD says the lot is 2,500sqft and a 3,000 sqft building. That leaves about 1,000 sqft for parking and other stuff. How they gonna get that past the COH?

  • If this is the building I’m thinking of, I’ve seen some pretty crazy goings-on (and people) at this place watching from Liberty. Though it looks better since I last saw it.

  • Yes, I have seen the owner naked on that balcony, playing guitar, while i was sipping on my beer at Liberty Station. He is a little on the weird side, and has been trying to fix it up for a couple of years now. There is a variance on the triangle shaped lot in front of it, so, maybe that will be parking.

  • Jack, no, that triangular lot has a variance request for parking. Tyler Flood, the DWI attorney, is planning to build a quite nice little two-story office and retail building on that triangular lot. Unfortunately, one person is complaining loudly to the City to ensure the entire design will not work. Too bad, the proposed structure really would be nicer on the east end of Washington than a demolished building site. :/

  • Looks to me like that balcony would hide a lot of nakedness. Those slats are fairly wide.

    Weird can be good. That’s what has help “make” Austin.

  • A food establishment that close to Liberty would be awesome. They have a different food truck every night but some food variety that’s walking distance would be great. The weird guy on the balcony would add that extra touch.:)

  • Actually, a 2-story 2500 SF building would have about a 1250 SF footprint

  • Nice to see Tyler re-investing in the neighborhood that made him all his $$. DWI alley, baby!!

  • I ran into the proprietor last night at Big Star. She says it will be an American bistro opening around Oct 31st if the TABC permits come through on time. There were more details but BS was my second stop and I don’t remember too well. LOL.

  • The issue with Tyler Flood’s building is not the building, but the parking. It would have head in parking, move the sidewalks on to private property, and take away about 7 on street parking spaces. The building pictured is grandfathered as a restaurant or bar, so the parking for that would be street parking, of which there is little of. Liberty Station is short on parking as it is, and Flood’s property would take parking from that, the former Alice’s (pictured) and the red building that a beer and brew place is rumored to be planned. ALL of these are in the same block. And BTW – it is more than one person complaining.

  • Jason C, who is the one person making a lot of noise about the variance on the triangular lot? Bet I can guess.

  • @JCR
    Sounds great. I hope it works out.

  • Hi Larissa! :)

    Interesting points. If parking became an issue, couldn’t people just park on Washington using those new meters?

  • They could park on Washington – whether there are meters or not, but the problem is simply not enough parking spaces.
    BTW – there are more than one person opposed to this. The TIRZ board voted unanimously against it because of parking and sidewalk issues, and there has been a discussion on the neighborhood email list with concerns about parking, which already tests patience. Flood’s parking spaces will be on private property, and while he could lease them out to nearby businesses, he may not be comfortable with the liability that goes with doing that. Same thing with taking away the public sidewalk. There is liability in doing so – but then again you could keep people wanting to protest your “Do Not Blow” defense of a drunk driver who killed someone from protesting on the sidewalk outside your office.

  • Interesting points Larissa. So they have private parking and parking along Washington? Seems like that’s enough to me. I don’t know much about the other issues and opposition you are speaking of so I can’t speak into that…I’m just excited that something like this will be happening with the building. :)
    I would much rather nice places like this move into the area before more places like “throne” take over them.

    So personally, I really like the idea of it being a restaurant. Just sayin’.

    Cool. Have a nice day.

  • Since when does street parking take precedence over a property owners need for access to his property?

    Protestors don’t get to go on to private property just because that’s where the sidewalk is. The real sidewalk will continue to be where it is now. That’s where the protestors get to stand. i do have to ask why anyone would protest the lawyer for an accused DUI suspect. That just seems pointless, given the protections our system affords defendants.

  • Ross – the plans I saw took out the public sidewalk (it is where the head in parking would be, and moved it onto private property in front of the parking.