Midtown’s Pour Behavior Bar Preps for Winter Opening; Record Year for Galveston Tourism

Photo of KPRC: Russell Hancock via Swamplot Flickr Pool


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  • The High Speed Rail grifters seem to be doing everything cheap and free surrounding the project except the meat and potatoes of the project itself, securing all the land and all the money. In a few years when all gullible investors have been fleeced and no one else left to approach, expect a letter from the grift team saying regrets that the project did not happen and blame it on market forces, government regulation, and self driving cars.

  • KPRC needs to put The Channel 2 sign back on its tower.

  • Galveston has a really high property tax burden, maybe all this money will entice a lowering of taxes and encourage more home buying. The school taxes are ridiculous.

  • I agree about the high speed rail. I love the idea, but they’ve done none of the heavy lifting. Like saying I want build a house in River Oaks but I haven’t bought the land, torn down the house nor secured a loan and I have 300 dollars in the bank and no job. But look for my mansion really soon!

  • RE: Pour Behavior—they don’t seem to be able to obtain bank financing, so they are going the crowd funding route? I think their timeline to open may prove a bit ambitious.

  • Cell phone using drivers have already made the streets more dangerous. Add a bunch of scooters driven by phone-addicted people and it’s gonna be messy.

  • Shady: Seems like they’re going to the BegWare route in order to get the down payment or construction funds. I can’t imagine they are not using a bank as $200-$700k won’t get them the property + build out.