Another Price Drop on Home of TLC’s ‘Little Couple’; More City Bike Paths Planned Within a Year

Photo of Rice University Music and Performing Arts Center: Marc Longoria via Swamplot Flickr Pool


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  • Re: Midget Home:
    That’s what happens when you overspend in a neighborhood that simply can’t carry that price. A custom build is fine but don’t do it where comps won’t support it.

  • It’s very easy to find a job in Austin and San Antonio is you want 8 dollars an hour. Houston has the better quality jobs, thus they’re harder to find and get. Austin’s economy produces lots of service jobs that pay nothing, but because people are so in love with Austin, they take them and live with 12 people and ride a bike to make ends meet.

  • Do we still use the term “Midget”? How did that get thru?

  • @Commonsense:

    I agree. It’s a nice house but for $1mil this is not where I would want to live.

  • @CommonSense Pull the address up on Zillow an/or HCAD… there are plenty of homes within a couple blocks of this one (the “midget home”) that Zillow and the County believe to be worth over $1M.

  • Jonathan – It’s hard to keep up with the daily changes of what we can and can’t say. I just use whatever word I know will let the person I’m talking to understand what I’m talking about. I’m sure whatever feel good term replaced midget will at some point become ‘mean’ sounding and be replaced with something even more bland.
    People don’t use words like ‘midget’ to be mean. They use it to describe someone/something. In this case someone that’s — well — a midget.
    (I can already see the PSA commercials. “Please don’t use the ‘M’ word…”)

  • @Cody: A bunch of little people asked us to stop calling them that word. Continuing to do so is either ignorant or purposely mean.

  • Re: City Planning to Build 50 Miles of New Bike Paths
    While I applaud the new proposed additions, I always wonder why current bike paths aren’t maintained once built? We’re always chasing the “new” while letting the “current” crumble away needlessly.

  • @Wolf Brand Chili:

    Are you talking about bike lanes or bike paths? The bike lines (those tiny strips of pavement on the edge of roads) are not maintained well. The pavement breaks, they fill up with debris, etc. The bike paths, however, like the ones lining many of our bayous, are kept in good shape for the most part. They are continuously being resurfaced and replaced, especially as we widen those bayous.