Another Reign of International Cuisine Ends on Shepherd, as Mascalzone Shutters

Mascalzone Ristorante Italiano, 1500 Shepherd Dr., Cottage Grove, Houston

The multinational dalliances of the restaurant building at 1500 Shepherd Dr., a parking lot away from the corner of Maxie, have come to an end — for now. The management of the outpost of British restaurant chain Mascalzone Ristorante Italiano announced the closure of the location over the weekend, not long after rumors of the shutdown were reported on Houston Food Finder. According to a post on the restaurant’s Facebook page, the Shepherd location will be “merging” with the still-operating Mascalzone location in the shopping center at 12126 Westheimer Rd., west of Kirkwood and across from the Phoenicia parking lot.


Solea, 1500 Shepherd Dr., Cottage Grove, Houston

The Cottage Grove Mascalzone had opened 2 years ago, in a spot previously occupied by a restaurant specializing in Mexican, Cajun, and Middle Eastern food that lasted 14 months: Solea (pictured above). The newish building had sat unused for a few years before that; its construction was announced in 2010 as an intended location of Bullritos.

Photos: Fernando C. (Mascalzone); Solea

Arrivederci, British Italian Style

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  • It was always a sore spot with me that they had a big for the area parking lot and they let the valets cone off every single parking space. Good riddance!

  • I ate there about once a month. We were almost always the only people in the place. I was wondering how they were staying in business. I actually thought the food was pretty good, something different than typical American Italian restaurants. Now the only place left I know of for this kind of Italian food is Dolce Vita. Anyone know of any other places that server Italian food that’s not heavy on Fettucine Alfredo and Veal Piccata?

  • jgriff – I’m looking for Italian food that IS heavy on the Fettuccine Alfredo and Veal Piccata. Where can I find it? Thanks.

  • @jgriff, I agree with Dolce Vita. You might also investigate Piola in Midtown. , it’s an Italian chain.

  • Arco D’oro for traditional dishes or Cane Rosso for pizza. For fettuccine alfredo go to Olive Garden. You deserve it.

  • HDA: “go to Olive Garden. You deserve it.”
    Sort of a dick comment, no?

  • Cody, I agree.
    HDA, my husband is battling cancer and cannot tolerate the slightest bit of spice in his food. Veal Piccata and Fettuccine Alfredo is one meal he can tolerate. The fat content also helps with his weight loss.

  • The food is VERY good, house made pastas and really excellent pizza, glad the other location will remain open.

    But here’s the thing, new construction? Every time it rained even a little bit the front of the restaurant would flood and workers would have to stop and sweep it out. That caused issues with the health department. The builder should fix that before someone else leases it or they too will go away in short order. They could go over today on this very rainy morning and see what I mean.

    As for fettucini alfredo, the best in town is at the original Carrabba’s on Kirby. The best carbonara with cream added is at Coppa Osteria in West U. For pizza in the area, this is a loss although Cane Rossa is on my list to try. Mellow Mushroom up the street doesn’t cut it. Dolce Vita is great but they cut hours drastically and there’s no lunch at all during the week.