Another Turnover in the House of La Strada

ANOTHER TURNOVER IN THE HOUSE OF LA STRADA The Don Julio’s in Montrose will serve its last margarita this Sunday before retreating to a new but more familiarly suburban location in Missouri City, reports b4-u-eat. The Mexican restaurant took over last year from Caffe Bello, which took over the previous year from La Strada in that restaurant’s custom-built building at 322 Westheimer, at the corner of Taft St. Taking over this summer at the same spot, reads the report: “a steak house.” According to Eating Our Words, though, it should be a “high end Mexican” steakhouse, run by Don Julio’s investors. [b4-u-eat; Eating Our Words; previously on Swamplot] Photo: Don Julio’s

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  • What a Dump!

  • Yeah. I went there a few times. Really wanted to like it since its so close to my house. Just didn’t like it. At. All.

  • Just make it a bar.

  • There is some seriously bad juju at that location. Before the next tenant moves in, perhaps they should invest in some exorcists or a cleansing ceremony of some kind.(Like power wash with holy water maybe?) Because clearly, there is some karma issues with 322 Westheimer.

  • Hanabi: You’re right. But given that you couldn’t ask for a better location, and it’s a cool building w/ parking, I don’t know why the last few places have failed so quickly. Unless the rent is just so high that you have to do REALLY well to stay afloat.

  • they need to talk to torchy’s to find out how they broke the curse of that shepherd location

  • Torchy’s is using the same model that Texadelphia used to survive in the abyss once known as the Bird of Paradise, etc.

    They bring a concept to town from Austin that already has massive name recognition and good will among a large group of people, in this case, Texas Exes.

    There’s a handful of Austin concepts that would absolutely kill it in that location.

    On the other hand, nothing is guaranteed: El Arroyo has been going strong in Austin for decades, but didn’t make it very long here.