Waiting for Shake Shack To Open; Watch Your Houston Real Estate Language


Photo of Bellaire: Russell Hancock via Swamplot Flickr Pool


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  • If they were selling the montrose shirts to permanently re-instate the Mary’s mural somewhere in the immediate corridor i’d be in.

  • Re: Gay Montrose

    There has been a real diaspora of the gays throughout the city, and away from Montrose. This is mostly due to increasing cost in Montrose, but is also fueled by the increase of quality housing being built in other close-in areas, creating viable alternatives, as well as the spread of major employment centers to the Beltway and beyond. Despite the weakening social stigma, there are still remnants of it (increasingly so as you move further out from the urban core). Yet, there are now gays living openly and comfortably where that would have been unheard of just 10 years ago. Houston is (finally) leaving the Stone Age.

  • Montrose will still have its roots for a long time. The old bars/clubs etc. are gone, but why does everyone assume that the gay demographic doesn’t enjoy trendy restaurants with valet or shiny new apartments? Or that they don’t desire or cant afford a McMansion townhome? Yes, it will never be the same, but its flair will last at least another generation. At least until we leave it in the hands of the millennials who have no idea that history exists before the 21st century.