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  • I pronounce it “East Side” :|

  • How about pretentious, hackneyed, phony, worn, or nonsensical?

  • They’ve just recently, finally, updated the voice of MetroRAIL to pronounce it as the East Downtown Management District intended it … E-doe

  • I have a rather long name fo the area … ‘Zeus, Thor, and baby Jesus, please don’t let me get a flat or runt out of gas while driving through here’.

  • I call it oh-dough, as in Eau-dough…the essence of dough/money. Extracted from the warehouse district using a cold-press proprietary process involving lots of money. Not organic at all.

  • East Heights

  • “SoDoSoPa”

  • dont say it at all, both syllables are silent.

  • I just say the extra syllable and call it East Downtown.

  • Isn’t Eado somewhere between BBVA and TDECU Stadiums? RFLMAO

  • Can we just got back to calling it the East End? We might as well call it SoDoSoPa or CityPaTown (look it up).

  • You know, the more it’s mentioned the more the erstwhile passe industrial and port-side area of town (EPIPAT) gains traction as EaDo.

  • East Downtown.

    Everytime I read or hear the shortened version it makes me want to smack a Realtor(TM). And now I have to go find eight.

  • @Jeff I wrote METRO when the purple/green lines opened about several oversights: misspelling of “theatre” on the Theater District Station (theater is the building(s) while theatre is the performance); the announcements’ pronunciation of the E-doe station; and also pointed out that, although it was probably still standing when they planned/named all of the stations, Robertson Stadium no longer exists. I don’t necessarily think they should change it to the TDECU Stadium Stop but I guess that’s better for fans unfamiliar with the rail who might decide (or otherwise be persuaded) to take it to the game.

  • I just call it the East End.