Apartment Complex Changes Hands; Tenants Endure Meaningless Name Change

The Bridges of Eldridge Apartment ComplexA good brand name is important when you’re looking for an apartment complex. So the new buyers of the Bridges of Eldridge off Westheimer have decided to rename it the Marquis at Eldridge Parkway. So much more elegant, don’t you think? Who wanted to live in a Bridge, anyway?

Austin’s CWS Apartment Homes already had a community-service matching-grant program called B.R.I.D.G.E. And it owns another complex about 12 miles away: the Marquis at Bellaire. There’s even a sister company called Marquis Residential Development. See how this all works? Judging from the history of the word, we say Houston should welcome its new border rulers.

Maybe the new name (and maybe new management) will do something to counteract some reviews of the 270-unit West Houston complex posted online. Here’s a favorite from late last year, colorfully entitled “Cardboard cutouts would work better in the managers office”:

Animal smell and feces smell in apartment upon move-in. Said they would replace, but never did. After one month, they finally dyed the carpet and gave a cleaning. Still smells like animal feces and they still refuse to correct issue. Just got a working key faub on month 5 of my 6 month lease. Told them I would resign lease if they would fix original issues and give me covered parking for 6 months- nogo. The don’t want good residents. All of the respectable residents are moving due to managements lack of interest.