Apartments Could Replace Closing Landry’s on Westheimer

APARTMENTS COULD REPLACE CLOSING LANDRY’S ON WESTHEIMER The Landry’s Seafood House at 8816 Westheimer Rd. has lost its lease, apparently, and will close: This Sunday, reports Food Chronicles, brings the restaurant’s 20-year run in this spot to an end. But it doesn’t appear that the 4.5-acre site at Westheimer and Fondren will remain without activity for very long: “The landlord . . . sold the property to an apartment builder. According to Landry’s, the restaurant and other buildings . . . are slated for demolition.” [Food Chronicles] Photo: Landry’s Seafood

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  • Wrong it will be a new Kroger….

  • I don’t shop at Kroger, union labor.

  • So Kroger is going in where Landry’s used to be? This area is getting saturated with grocery stores IMHO. Everybody trying to get some of that ‘024$. Even the sliders. You got the new HOLE FOODS where randall was, you got the new HEB at fountain view and felipe, you got the ed wulfe HOLE FOOD, you got the trader joe, you got the Kroger further out westheimer near the beltway, you got the Kroger at felipe and voss, you got the randall at felipe near post oak, you got the fresh market at felipe post oak. Pretty damn crazy IUAM.

    Thank you

  • Isn’t that a more or less rough area? I wouldn’t think it would be a super attractive spot for ‘luxury apartments. Closer to the hillcroft/sharpstown area than to the loop.

  • This is one of those locations where very high income ritzy areas and very low income dumpy areas are in close proximity – this site is sandwiched between them.

  • Probably good that it’ll be a new Kroger out there. There’s already a bumper crop of luxury apartments in the area.
    Not bad apartments mind you – just a lot of them.
    And LRS – you must be looking at a different map than I am. That site is about 1/4 mile from Piney Point Village; it’s a lot further to reach Sharpstown. Hardly why I would call “rough”

  • ZAW,

    This spot is about the same distance from Sharpstown than it is to Piney Point. Maybe sandwiched would be the best description, but still pretty close to some pretty grim parts of town. If you insist that it’s not quite rough, I encourage you to visit the wal mart on Dunvale, which is even closer than Piney Point is.

  • Wow, that’s where I used to take clients when I first started coming to Houston with my normal 9-5 job.