Are There 2 Starbucks Nearby?

ARE THERE 2 STARBUCKS NEARBY? California chef Bradley Ogden spent 2 days investigating 16 different restaurant locations in Houston recently. And he now has signed letters of intent for leases on 3 of them: One near the future site of ExxonMobil’s corporate campus south of The Woodlands, and the other 2 “across the street from each other five minutes from River Oaks.” Ogden says they’ll be “branded, quick, casual, farm-to-table restaurants. The Bradley Ogden restaurant inside Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas is shutting down next month. [Eater Vegas]

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  • There are THREE Starbuckses near each other in the River Oaks Shopping Center (including the one in Barnes & Noble). In fact, they are all probably within 200 feet of each other.

  • About Houston: “They’re starving for great places to eat there,” Ogden says.

    Yeah, sounds like he really knows Houston…

  • “They’re starving for great places to eat there,” Ogden says.

    I’m curious to learn more about the new concepts he’ll bring to Houston, but wouldn’t say we’re short on great places to eat.

    Can a highly awarded celebrity chef, my opinion based on reading the linked article, compete with the all of the great new restaurants from Houston based chefs?

  • Bear in mind that if he is basing his description of the neighborhood on what a leasing agent told him 5 minutes from River Oaks could be anywhere West of downtown within the loop.

  • I’m going to place my bet on the Washington Ave Corridor as the place that is “5 minutes from River Oaks”.

  • When you’re planning to expand your business to a new city, does it seem like a good idea to insult the restaurant scene there? I mean, even if that’s what you think (and I think you’re wrong), why vocalize it? It’s only likely to alienate people.

  • I agree, LaurenK. Act like you love Houston and always wanted to open here!
    Of course, he’s been run out of Vegas, which must really hurt.