Around the Bend in a Nitsch Neighborhood

Might the distorted photos show how the square footage grew from HCAD’s record (576 sq. ft.) to what it says in this cozy cottage’s listing (653 sq. ft.)? Playful and a bit mind-bending, the panoramic views focus on the innards of the updated 1944-45 home on Art St., located in the Nitsch neighborhood near the Hardy Toll Road and W. Little York. Twist this way for a dizzying array of space-defying images:


Watch out for that bi-level toilet bowl:

This funhouse view of one of the 2 bedrooms (each measures 10 ft. by 10 ft.) shows a happy bedside table:

The carport gets to stretch a bit as well — as it arcs over the driveway’s terminus:

The 8,568 sq. ft. lot also has a yard-marooned garage. Built less than 5 years ago, it looks like it’s still holding true to its perpendiculars:

The home was listed a month ago and has a $90,000 asking price.

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  • Geeze that’s even smaller than the smallest apartment I’ve lived in. Prospective buyers will be way disappointed when they walk up to the property without their swimming goggles on.

  • I get such kick of the writing on Swamplot. Cleverly written, witty, with attention to detail while staying factual. Makes my work day!

  • Happy endtable is happy.

  • This is what happens when amateurs confuse “fisheye” with “wide-angle”