Ashby Highrise: Strike Seven!

ASHBY HIGHRISE: STRIKE SEVEN! “The developers of the Ashby high-rise sent their plans back to the city of Houston just days before Hurricane Ike hit, and not long after the Public Works Department resumed operations, Buckhead Investment Partners were rejected for a seventh time. Records show the plans were filed again Sept. 11, seven days after being returned. They were denied a remaining permit again Sept. 29. In his comments, city engineer Mark Loethen said plans for a driveway permit contained no revisions and there was ‘no current justification’ for restriping plans on Bissonnet Boulevard at Ashby Drive.” [West University Examiner; previously]

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  • The developers should just sue over the unequitable manner in which the city has enforced an ordinance against them but no one else. Personally I wouldn’t live in Southampton or Boulevard Oaks. You can drive through the area and see all sorts of violations of deed restrictions but of course the homeowners involved are probably attorneys. Probably some of the same attorneys involved with this. Southampton became popular with the Enron crowd. That probably sums up the demographics. A bunch of crooks and their attorneys.

  • I hope they keep on pursuing.

  • Thank you Matt for your insightful response. I live in SH, and I’m just a regular joe; been there 20+ years, and BTW, I’m not a lawyer, nor a crook. And most of the deed violations are minor (like garages built too close to an alley, not major like a 23 story bldg). Since you don’t want to live here, in one of the finest neighborhoods in Houston, where DO you want to live?

  • SH, I think you miss the point, although I think you knew that. What Matt, and Jessie, and I would say to Brian and to you is something that’s been said before: To demonstrate to the world that our administration will enforce the perceived needs of the residents against all comers *if* you have enough strings to pull in the right circles …is not a step forward.

  • Rise high Ashby!

  • Still waiting for Ashby project to die. I don’t live there, and am an uninterested party – other than I think it is a horrible place to build what they want to build. It is out of character with the rest of the community. There are plenty of other spots in Houston that could use infill development – this is not one of them.

  • I am a resident of Boulevard Oaks and am frequently traveling on Bissonnet in and out of the neighborhood. Bissonnet is already hopelessly crowded. It will be overwhelmed with traffic if there is a high density highrise with retail pouring more cars onto an already busy thoroughfare.