Ashby Highrise Will Go Up ‘Without Delay,’ Developers Say

Ashby Highrise, 1717 Bissonnet St., Boulevard Oaks, HoustonA spokesperson for Buckhead Investment Partners, the developers behind the building slated for 1717 Bissonnet St. in Boulevard Oaks known as the Ashby Highrise, tells Swamplot that they now “plan to move forward with construction as soon as possible,” on the 21-story apartment tower — “without delay.” Yesterday, Judge Randy Wilson rejected a request from neighbors of the project to issue a permanent injunction that would have barred its construction. In a press release issued yesterday, Buckhead said it planned to appeal the judge’s ruling that the developers must pay 20 neighbors the approximately $1.2 million a jury decided would compensate them for their loss of market value.

Rendering: Buckhead Investment Partners

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  • Yeah, I cannot wait now I don’t have to see all those stupid yellow signs and stickers littering Houston. Talk about a nuisance.

  • Finally. Can’t wait to see this go up.

  • I’m with RGR, the biggest nuisance has been all the stupid yellow signs.

    Too the developer: Just start digging/building now! (And don’t stop!).

    Everybody else in houston has had their neiborhoods over-run with development… why should we take pitty on stuck-up rich folks……

  • Rise, Ashby! Rise!

  • I’d say the neighboring home owners who have waged this ridiculous campaign for seven years against a permitted project (with those dumb signs posted illegally all over the neighborhood) are the ones who have damaged the property values. If indeed their values have been negatively affected, it’s their own vault. If some silly judge decides to uphold the award, he should base it on the loss of value experienced by homes next to the Inwood, Huntingdon, or 5000 Montrose high-rises. If he does that, then the homeowners will owe money to the Ashby developers, because none of the homes next to those towers have “suffered” loses over the years. If these homeowners ever get paid now for some supposed loss; will they have to forfeit any future gain back to the Ashby developers? Yeah, right.

  • What I think will be interesting is if they do move forward with construction is if they will take into consideration any of the technical issues identified in the trial or just figure they will pay those impacts off later if they occur. Specifically impacts to foundations caused by construction. I guess it is time to figure out a different way out of the neighborhood than Ashby and Bissonnet.

    I do hope that the City has an inspector out there daily making sure they keep their act together. The construction on Graustark and Richmond as been hard on the side streets, though not bad for richmond. As a two lane street though Bissonnet is likely to be a CF.

  • Surprise, surprise, they plan to appeal. The judgment will be reversed and the developer will never pay a dime of that judgment.

  • And just why should the city pay more attention to this project than to all the others going on? Because the neighbors are rich and litigious?

  • These comments show that this drama is a great case study in PR. Back 5-6 years ago, anecdotal evidence suggested there was a lot of support for the neighborhood. Now, not so much.

  • If I were this developer id double its height. I live in this neighborhood and even I think this protracted fight has been beyond childish. I’d appeal to the Supreme Court before id pay these assholes a dime in “damages”–what about the damages to this developer by these absurd people and their ridiculous lawsuit–after lawsuit –after lawsuit..ENOUGH!

  • I would totally buy a “Rise, Ashby, Rise” t-shirt if anyone feels like being creative.

  • Rise high, Ashby!

  • Ha, suck it nimbys!

  • HAHAHH…take that NIMBYs!!!

  • Please be sure to include your address along with your “NIMBYs suck” type posts, that will help the vultures zero in on where to build their next midrise/skyscraper/townhouse ghetto, confident area residents (specifically, you wonderful anti-NIMBY posters) will just lay back and enjoy it.

  • David and Goliath

  • Can’ t the developers take a hint, they are not welcome??