At Home on South Braeswood After Harvey, Drying Out the Soggy Family Pics

Here’s an inside view of the aftermath and cleanup inside the Pool family’s 1964 Meyerland Mod on the south bank of Brays Bayou near S. Rice Ave. — from the point of view of the owners’ son-in-law, October Popular Mechanics coverboy Casey Neistat. Includes a few signature Neistat drone shots of recovering areas (he only arrived on Thursday), a view of damage in Friendswood, and a focus on the cleanup work of Team Rubicon.

Video: Casey Neistat

Meyerland Goes YouTube

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  • Small world, Dr Pool is my doctor. Hate that anyone has to go through this

  • its an artfully crafted video that that shows what happens when enough water collects within a certain area and has nowhere to go. its called flooding and it happened quite severely. there seems to be an underlying uncanny giddiness about it that makes it as if Houston can learn from this to become the utopian urban landscape prescribed by scholars. the fact is we’ve been through this before and have found ways to heal/mend our relationship with rain. what’s important to realize is that Houston’s marriage with water has yet to end in divorce. Spats like this just need a little bit of counseling in order to keep a healthy vibe and in that respect we’ve been doing a pretty darn good job considering all the shit this city has been through while continuing to bear offspring.

  • Powerful video and kudos to Team Rubicon of which I’ve heard of their services previously. Such tragedy and disaster across the city and state from Hurricane Harvey that I don’t wish upon even my worst enemy to have to experience. My nephew lost his home along with 2 cars as their house is flooded with around 8 feet of water since they live in Bear Creek and still not sure when they can get into the home.

  • omg, that guy. I’ll see that guy pop up on youtube ads from time to time. Glad he’s here to help I guess.