At Home with the Wildlife in Waterbrook West

AT HOME WITH THE WILDLIFE IN WATERBROOK WEST A relaxing, light-suburban lifestyle with plentiful opportunities for hunting and re-landscaping — who says you can’t have it all in Fort Bend County? “Within the past five [months], Missouri City began a program to attempt to decrease the number of hogs in the Waterbrook West community after hearing complaints from several residents. The city authorized two independent contractors to work in the area to trap in the neighborhood and the surrounding property, and other properties as access is granted. So far, 60 hogs have been caught and removed. Unfortunately, the animals breed so quickly those 60 will likely soon be replaced with 60 more. According to Michael Weiss, a State Game Warden with the Texas Parks and Wildlife Law Enforcement Division, the hogs have two or three litters per year, and the babies are ready to breed at around one year. . . . The animals are considered ‘exotic’ and not a native game animal in Texas, so they can be hunted year-round and there is no limit to the number hunters can kill. Weiss said the feral hogs are intelligent enough that once one or two are caught in a trap, others tend to leave that area. He also said that although the hogs are generally afraid of people, if cornered they can be aggressive – especially a cornered sow with her litter. When Weiss started his career 25 years ago, he said he only saw the problem in certain areas of the state. Now, he said, there isn’t a county in Texas that doesn’t have the wild pigs roaming around and creating a nuisance. ‘When people go and do landscaping, the hogs love to come tear it up and search for food,’ said Weiss. ‘I don’t know what the solution is. There’s not one, really.’” [Fort Bend Now]

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  • If you see a feral hog, you must kill it or quickly get away.

    If they feel threaten, they can be quite dangerous. If they are hungry, they have no issues with eating human flesh. I know it’s disgusting.

    Plus side, if they have eaten well, they are quite tasty.

  • kjb — I agree. I’ve got hog sausage in my freezer right now from a hog a friend shot on our property in a different county. Sounds awful, I know, but the meat is good. The hogs are a terrible nuisance and are HUGE. Their numbers are increasing every year.

  • Hogs just like squirrels thrive near human development versus in the wild.


  • Feral hog is tasty. And hell, it’s free!

  • Well I would love to come on by
    and get me a few hogs with my bow
    and I would share meat they are tasty
    e-mail me if I can help with the hog

  • I have watched the news about the hog problem that yall are having. I would like to help out. I’ve been hunting and trapping hogs for 22 years. You can reach me by email . So please let me know if I can help.

  • The way to keep Fort Bend’s feral hog population in check is for the suburbanites to stop having the native alligators killed and/or relocated. Look, people, the alligators and hogs were there before your MPC. Deal with it.