At the Southern Tip of Timbergrove Manor, Where the Lines Are Drawn for 78 New Lovett Homes

Site of Future Stanley Park Dr., Timbergrove Manor, Houston

Site of Future Stanley Park Dr., Timbergrove Manor, HoustonAn increasing number of weed-whacking and drive-up visits to the site “after a stagnant period” suggest to a Swamplot reader that development activity may soon begin on Lovett Homes’ Stanley Park development, a collection of 78 patio-home sites drawn but not yet carved out of a vacant lot at the southern border of Timbergrove Manor just north of the railroad tracks, paralleling Queenswood Ln. A new street named Stanley Park Dr., with accompanying similarly named stub streets, is planned to connect what are now dead ends at Shirkmere Rd. and Shelterwood Dr. The photo above shows the Shirkmere entrance to the future neighborhood. Sunflowers have sprouted quickly after the last weed-whacking event — in a portion of the development cleared of trees several years ago.

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Stanley Park

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  • Thank you Andy Icken and Annise Parker for another generous Chapter 380 gift to the development community.

  • Who needs trees. Townhomes do an equally good job of blocking railyard noise.

  • If you look closely at the area on Google maps you can see a faint outline of the streets and lot lines. I wonder if that’s this development?

  • @JB3: that is indeed it. It’s really not a bad location. Hardly any train traffic anymore since line to the east has been abandoned. This whole rail area will no doubt be sold off to residential use in the near future.

  • Any discussion of this site should note that it is entirely within the 100-year floodplain. Something residents of the area worry about if not Mayor/Council.

  • I feel like that house right at the end of that street, and pictured in the link above, was for sale for a not-too-bad price a year or so ago. Must have gotten wind and got the heck out. Good for them!

  • Exactly what this already flood-prone area needs– more impermeable surfaces!

    A sweet, quiet part of Timbergrove is about to have the life sucked out of it if this project goes forward.

  • Frank’s going to destroy a neighborhood which has a lot of character. If he wants to build homes in that area he should have to follow the Timbergrove deed restrictions since the only way in and out of his development would be through the neighborhood. If these houses are going to be anything like the ones he’s building across the railroad tracks, the neighbors should “enjoy” having the four story monstrosities tower over them.

  • First, those people did not “get the heck out”. The owners passed away and the house was purchased (and now lived in) by a couple that already lives in the neighborhood. Secondly, my family chose to live in this little pocket of TG because of the relative peace and quiet. I love that we can wave to our neighbors and they wave back, people stop their cars while I’m out strolling with my son and we have a conversation. My fear with the building of this development is that we will lose that. Traffic will suddenly exist. Will the new homeowners join Timbergrove groups and contribute to our community? I love what we have.

  • Make them enter from tc jester.
    Home owner

  • I am always amazed at the people that live next to unrestricted tracts that complain about their development. This is no different than the Ashby high rise. If the neighborhood wanted to block the development, they should have been more proactive. They could have bought the land or orchestrated a deal that wAs more to their liking. Leave Frank alone, it is a free country.

  • It may be wishful thinking, but this proposed development may still have some issues. Starting with detention that was purchased for the project across TC Jester that was recently sold to TXDot, who was in need of detention for their I-10 project. Also, as mentioned, the required double access into the development(through Timbergrove Manor) requires a rather massive and expensive bridge built over the adjacent ravine, extending Shelterwood drive. @Robert Corale- They did get access via TC Jester at least once, when they piled up all of the dirt from the excavated TXDot retention pond, where it still remains today (flood plain mitigation of ZER0). Also, the “increased weed-whacking” is supposedly funded by the bayou preservation society.

  • FYI: Trees don’t block sound/noise only mass can do that. In fact, trees can amplify sound due to their canopy reverberating sound upwards.

  • What’s the status on this? We live in the neighborhood and have seen water retention chambers that are a joke for 78 homes, especially since our entire neighborhood just flooded!

  • Enough already. Developers can go to hell.

  • This development is being pursued at an accelerated pace, apparently to avoid the City of Houston implementing drainage requirements that are at least close to modern understanding of flooding. These houses directly offset a community flooded in Hurricane Harvey, so the removal of drainage is immoral and irresponsible. The developer claims “credit” for drainage that was in place before Hurricane Harvey and failed to prevent wide-scale flooding, and the City of Houston is negligently allowing this. It is a virtual certainty that lawsuits will be filed to prevent this project moving forward.