Aurora Picture Show Finds Its Own Space in Upper Kirby

For the first time since 2008, when Aurora Picture Show left the converted church in Sunset Heights currently commandeered by 14 Pews, the quirky flickhouse founded by microcinema pioneer Andrea Grover will be gaining its own dedicated moviehouse. In the interim, Aurora’s succeeding directors have been organizing film programs from a bungalow on the Menil campus at 1524 Sul Ross. But starting this June, the organization will have a new home with a big screen. It’s a metal-clad building at 2442 Bartlett St. currently used as a studio and gallery by artist and former Aurora board member Molly Gochman, in the small arts compound she owns just east of Kirby.


The organization plans to use Kickstarter to raise as much as $10,000 for building improvements, beginning next month. The building should already be familiar to Aurora filmgoers — it’s been the site of several recent screenings. The 2,700-sq.-ft. space, which comes with access to the Astroturfed patio behind the Deborah Colton Gallery at the corner of Melton St., is within sniffing range of Goode Co. Bar-B-Q when the wind is blowing right, and just down the street from the Goode Co.’s Armadillo Palace.

Photos: Camilo Gonzalez (top), Aurora Picture Show (all others)

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  • What a cool interior space.

  • Smart move. It will benefit from being located next to the Deborah Colton. My observation is that art institutions (public or private) flourish in Houston when they are within sight of other art institutions. It doubles the draw–if you’re going to see one, you might as well check out the other. (This is amplified if the institutions time openings and events with each other.) It’s always been a bit awkward that the Deborah Colton gallery was all by itself over there. Now there are two reasons to visit that block.