Aurora Picture Show’s Original Movie House Has a Buyer

AURORA PICTURE SHOW’S ORIGINAL MOVIE HOUSE HAS A BUYER The woman who’s buying the former home of the Aurora Picture Show from microcinema pioneer Andrea Grover plans on starting her own new film and arts organization and running it out of the former Sunset Height Church of Christ at 800 Aurora St. Artist, filmmaker, and law student Cressandra Thibodeaux‘s name for her new concept: 14 Pews. She hopes to host theater and film productions, weddings, art exhibitions, classes, and workshops in the space, along with occasional screenings from . . . Aurora Picture Show. Writer Steven Thomsen gets Thibodeaux to gush: “‘I’m going through a divorce and thought that Houston would be the best place to lick my wounds,’ she tells CultureMap. ‘It’s always treated me like a forgiving lover who wraps me in her warm moist arms. And the moment I landed at the airport I was engulfed in her warm moistness. . . . I have spent 10 years tossing ideas and projects at the walls in Los Angeles,’ she explains. ‘I came to Houston and in one week everything I tossed stuck to the walls. I credit the humidity.’” [Culturemap; previously on Swamplot] Photo: Kenny Haner

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  • With feelings of warm, warm moistness, I wish her every success.

  • Eww, I envision more fish taco jokes stat…

  • I can’t tell for sure from the story if the photo is of the former Aurora Picture Show (which I’ve never heard of) or the former Sunset Height Church of Christ (which I’ve also never heard of), but….that picture does look like just about every old-school Church of Christ building that I’ve ever seen. And I’ve seen quite a few of them.

  • RP, they are one and the same thing, church originally, then picture house latterly.

  • How wonderful. She has compared Houston to a vagina. No doubt “Houston” will be added to The Vagina Monologues. The possibilities are endless.

  • It’s a different kind of humidity.

  • Must….not….comment….

  • The picture is of the Picture Show after it became the Picture Show. I am excited. I live a street over and love having them in the neighborhood.

  • Yes, yes indeed, we are the city of moist warmth and warm moistness. I shall write a new song of oh so funky civic praise: “Houston, You Make Me Moist.” I’ve got a bass but no band. Who wants to join and play and sing?

  • Can someone please give me a hand.. Err maybe not..

  • Welcome to Houston, Cressandra. We look forward to seeing what 14 Pews has to offer.

  • This makes me happy. I’m glad that the building is going to someone who seems to be overjoyed to be able to put it to good use.

  • I’m on board with whatever she does, as long as she stops using the word “moist”. *shiver*

  • Saw and heard some great Hispanic Jazz at 14 Pews, 800 Aurora, the Heights, Houston. Acustics were great and everyone seemed to be having a wonderful time, including the musicians. Thanks “14 Pews”. Hope to see many more happenings.

  • If anyone was to make this beautiful establishment work it would be Cress