Back After a Break: William Jenkins Mod in Willowbend

After a fall cleaning and October vacation, this 3-bedroom, 2-bath home in Willowbend jumped back into the market over the weekend. The price is still $259,900, but that’s down $15K (in 2 jumps) from its original ask back in May. It’s a roughly L-shaped 1955 mod wrapped around a pool and fitted onto a cul-de-sac extension by William Jenkins, namesake of UH’s Art and Architecture Library, near several other homes he designed. Busy South Post Oak Blvd. is just beyond the back fence, but inside all is cool and quiet:


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  • I visited this house during open house a few months ago. Cool house, but I need to point out one thing. It’s being listed as a 3-bedroom house which is a tad misleading, because the third “bedroom” is actually a den with no windows that open into the living room. For all purposes, it’s more like a 2-bedroom house. And it’s in an area that is a little iffy.

  • i live in the neighborhood and it’s not iffy. S Post Oak is iffy but the areas on either side are fine. no worse then the heights that people don’t seem to mind moving to.

  • My daughter lives not far from this house and the neighborhood is fine.

  • Hello,
    I am the next door neighbor of this house. If we were in the market for a house, this one would already have a sold sign on it. As a Board Member of Houston Mod for the last 5+ years, I have been in over 100 modern (or mod-ish) houses in Houston. You will not find a better “early Philip Johnson” style house in Houston in this price range. Yes, our side of the street borders, S. Post Oak, that is true, and it’s kind of our cross to bear (find me a Mid-Century Modern home that doesn’t have some kind of cross to bear!), but out of all the houses near us that border S.P.O this house’s back yard does it the least and the most quietly. It is nestled between 2 other Bill Jenkins homes, and across the street are 2 more. That is also rare in Houston – 5 Mid-Century Modern homes in one cul de sac. It is my pleasure to drive by these homes each day and my sincere hope that someone like-minded moves in next to us. The house is definitely on the cozy side, but that’s actually one of the things I like about it. The immediate neighbors are all very professional people.