Back of Richmont Square Now Erased for New Menil Drawing Institute

Cleared Portion of Richmont Square Apartments, 1400 Richmond Ave., Montrose, Houston

The back third of the Menil-owned Richmont Square Apartments has now been cleared away. Left to dispose of: a below-grade swimming pool in the middle of the lot, plus a garage apartment behind the DaCamera building at 1427 Branard St., next door to the Menil’s Cy Twombly gallery. Swamplot reader and artist Bob Russell takes a break from creating his own satellite-imagery-inspired drawings to send in the above quick ground-level panorama of the sketchy spot where Johnston Marklee’s low-slung $40 million Menil Drawing Institute will be mapped out and filled in.


Proposed Menil Drawing Institute by Johnston Marklee, West Main St., Montrose, Houston

The street entrance to the new 30,150-sq.-ft. structure with cedar-plank siding and a white steel-plate roof will be along W. Main St., which will be extended a block east through the area shown.

Photo: Bob Russell. Site plan: Menil Collection/Johnston Marklee

Johnston Marklee Going Here

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  • . . . still having a hard time wrapping my head around the cost: $1,326.70/SF?

  • I believe the $40 million includes the new Energy House that will supply all of the Menil.

  • I lived there in the early 2000s and had a good time. Definitely an “older gay men and hard partying 20somethings” vibe. There was a sign at both pools that read “No thongs allowed,” and it wasn’t because of any ladies.