Bad Places To Start a Restaurant in Houston: A List

Feast Rustic European Fare, 219 Westheimer, Houston

John Nova Lomax lists 10 jinxed restaurant locations — including the home of against-the-odds newcomer Feast — on Eating Our Words, the Houston Press food blog.

The locations and current inhabitants:

A commenter ads 2815 S. Shepherd: it’s the current home of Crome.

Great list, but from a small pie-slice of inner-Loop Houston. Do we have any nominations of jinxed locations further out?

Photo of Feast: Keith Plocek

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  • There was a joint on Woodway (maybe near Sage?) that was Jax (or maybe Jack’s) and then some French supper-club-type place and is now a day school.

  • There was a place out here in Memorial in the Calliope shopping center (on Memorial, just past Tully) which was about five different restaurants in eight years. It’s finally settled into the Memorial Grille, but I still don’t think they’ll be around for long.

    Of course, that entire shopping center seems to have the stink of death on it… :)

  • The location at 12719 Westheimer Road (just West of Dairy Ashford on the South side at the end of strip mall) has been multiple different restaurants over the past 10 years. The last one was The Grill of the Andes which is now closed. Before that it was 3 Brothers Creole Soul Food and if I recall correctly, there have been Thai, Italian and BBQ restaurants as well as a sub shop. I’m always curious to see what will open up next.

  • 2815 S. Shepherd has been Triniti for some time now.

  • It’s hard to take seriously any list of “jinxed” restaurant locations in Houston that doesn’t include the Bermuda Triangle on S. Shepherd. If it weren’t for Freebird’s and Amy’s Ice Cream trying to anchor a small corner of the triangle in our plane of the space-time continuum, then the entire area might have collapsed in on itself long ago.

    I’m not sure, but I think the goddess etched in glass where Udupi once stood is actually an avatar of Kali, marking one of her victims.