Ball of Mangled Steel Slowly Taking Place of Noted Sugar Land Mod

A reader sends us this latest photo (at bottom, with close-up) of the ongoing smashing and crushing action at the former home of Astrodome builder H.A. Lott on Sugar Creek Blvd. in Sugar Land. The low-slung, Frank Lloyd Wright-ish house designed for Lott in 1975 by Houston architect Karl Kamrath was put on the market last year after a renovation.

Photos: HAR (before), Swamplot inbox (after)

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  • That’s just piling on.


  • I am the sad owner who recently sold this house to the new owners. Had I known, I would have never sold to them. Here is the story. Six brothers grew up in Sugar Creek. They moved to another SL neighborhood for a different school. Now that they are empty nesters, they are all buying the biggest and best lots in the neighborhood. They told us they were going to add on a 2nd story, which they started to do. They suddenly stopped and tore it down without even donating the insides to Habitat or another charity. Money isn’t an issue for them.

  • Sharon, I hope you got a good price. You don’t owe any of us armchair real estate moguls an explanation.
    Everybody looks out for themselves.
    And we have the pictures and the memories…

  • I have lived in Sugar Creek for about 20 years now and I loved the way this house looked. Yes, these people have alot a money but have no shame.

  • I still can’t believe it is gone. It was an amazing home