Bammel Lane Park Homes: Still Going On?

Speaking of abandoned residential projects, another reader wants to know if this development qualifies:

I have noticed the Bammel Lane Park Homes project appears to have ceased development. The houses are between Bammel Lane and Eastside. There are 3 or 4 very large homes that looked completed. ( I cannot figure out if they are occupado) Then, they were painted stark white? Not so good. The sign advertising the project is still up but it appears they are at a stand still. Can you ask the readers or let me know if you have any scoop?


Whitewashing was part of the original concept! The project’s florid promotional video describes “12 park homes in a classic European setting surrounding an enchanted park.”

The 12 Bammel Lane Park Homes will exist around a central garden that we refer to as le jardin.

Developers Bonner Ball and Tom Zenner traveled all the way to Louisiana and Florida to find this storybook inspiration.

They then translated the best of each into an urban, elegant property that is what people have asked for and that will withstand the trends of the day.

Whether running out of funds, bankruptcy, or putting a project “on hold” were meant to be included as “trends of the day” is unclear. But clearly downsizing was: Each attached home is more than 5,000 square feet and is priced above $2.2 million. “Spaciousness is the main feature,” brags the listing for one of the units.

Curious? An open house is scheduled for lunchtime tomorrow at one of the other units, at 3248 Bammel Ln.

Photos: Swamplot inbox (top; from October) and Bammel Lane Park Homes

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