Battleship Texas Back in Action; A Summer Opening for Baileson Brewing Co.

Photo of the Marriott Marquis: Russell Hancock via Swamplot Flickr Pool


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  • Re: BB Texas

    Thankfully the battleship is again open to public viewing, but a solution to the hull rust outs needs to be decided upon as the problem, and expense, will continue. Let’s face it, rust happens and it’s not going to stop and the once great symbol of American power will eventually sit on the bottom of it’s watery slip.. I am proposing that the state seize the initiative and permanently ground the erstwhile ship in a ‘sea of concrete” with perhaps a shallow pool of water at it’s surface to add a bit of realism. This has been done (without the pool) to preserve an obsolete battleship in Japan, but I think we can do one better, and the USS Texas will be retained for future generations to enjoy.

  • The first rule of Investment Club is: You do not invest in restaurants. The second rule of Investment Club is: You do not invest in restaurants.

  • WR – plans for dry berthing the battleship have been around for decades. Texas Parks and Rec simply doesn’t have the money (nor the political will to throw $75 million at something that benefits only the Houston area), nor is anyone else willing to pony up. It would take one heck of a white knight to get things going.

  • Where did the $34 million come from to redo a city park??

  • Re: Treadsack owners being sued by father of former chef
    Dang. That’s $191,000 that someone is not seeing again. But, I guess misery loves company since the article noted that the parents of the operations director lent $400,000 to this company and it may be gone, too. Restaurants are places to eat, not invest one’s life savings into.

  • This is why you invest in food trucks, not brick and mortar restaurants at least until the food truck is proven and the business people show they can run a food business. Sounds like the parents were basically buying jobs for their kids.

  • I remember way back in college, the father of one of my friends, who was a very wealthy businessman, told me the easiest way to lose $100k was to sink it into a restaurant. Times haven’t changed.

  • Hmmmm- She Jack says it was all free. Makes perfect sense to me. Maybe she was doing Treadsack’s books as well?

  • Re: Hmmmm and J: If you’re curious about funding for Emancipation Park, the information is out there. Just look around a little. One place to start would be the Houston Chronicle. An article was posted there three days ago that explains each of the funding sources that contributed.

  • @ Shady, restaurants and airlines

    Sounds like a bunch of trust fund kids got their parents to subsidize their restaurant business.

  • Thanks for the heads up Clou. If you disregard the TIRZ, the City of Houston, Texas Parks and Wildlife and tax shelters it’s totally free.

  • Clou- I’d rather chew glass than click on that worthless site.

  • Okay, that’s it, I want my group represented with a cross walk too. How about one for Single White Women. I just don’t get this. All the complaints about non-acceptance by all “special” groups, and yet they seem to go out of their way to not be included. If you want inclusion, don’t expect recognition for being anything but human.