Bayou Park Apartments Have About a Year Before the Highrising Starts

BAYOU PARK APARTMENTS HAVE ABOUT A YEAR BEFORE THE HIGHRISING STARTS Nitya Capital, which closed on the ’70s-era Bayou Park Apartments at 4400 Memorial Dr., east of Shepherd, last month “plans to carve out a spot for a high-rise condo tower” as soon as a year from now, reports the Chronicle’s Katherine Feser. That shouldn’t be too hard, seeing as the new tower will take up “less than an acre,” says Nitya CEO Swapnil Agarwal, within the 15-acre environs of the 3-story complex that’s there now. Some of its existing 679 units should be receiving a few touch-ups under the new landlord: “new floors, granite counters, stainless steel appliances,” and “new lighting and fixtures,” reports Feser. And outside, she writes, plans call for “fresh landscaping, new signs and changes to the leasing center,” which neighbors a handful of retailers in the spot shown above where the complex lets out onto Memorial. [Houston Chronicle] Photo:

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  • Man, these guys are going big. Not sure how they’re able to do it but props to them

  • My guess is that the condos will take the place of the Olympic swimming pool and fitness center. Back in the late 80’s my friends and I joked that virtually every transplant to Houston has lived in this complex. Amazing that it remains standing.

  • Neil has that right. I think everybody in this city must know someone who lived their at one point.

    Their pricing has stayed affordable for the location. Looks like they’ll take out a building or two to insert the high-rise.

  • From prime swinging 1970’s era singles apartments to high rise condos…St.Thomas High School , just west of this complex,sold the land in the early 1970’s to a local developer. The Roman Catholics are property rich but, always seem to be cash poor . Anyway, STHS soon realized they were land locked and their long held dreams of building a football stadium was a not an option. My buddies and I used to walk over to the Sunny’s food store -get our cigarettes, sodas, coffee , snacks,etc and walk back to school before first period. Needless to say I one day came upon the historical marker about Father T.P. O’Rourke- the Basilian priest ( a Canadian order) who in the early 1900’s convinced the head of the order to buy the land @ what is now Memorial & Shepherd Drives ( I think Memorial was a one lane dirt rutted path and Shepherd Dr. was very primitive,if it existed at all. Father O’Rourke also convinced the order to buy the land where Saint Anne’s Church & School reside. Westhimer was a very rural dirt road and I don’t think Shepherd Dr. was more than a dirt road, if it existed at all. At the time St. Thomas HS was downtown on it’s 3rd campus. Father O’Rourke foresaw the westward expansion of Houston and made a very persuasive case to buy the land. People probably thought he didn’t know what he was foretelling. He shut them all up. Within the past 2 years St.Thomas HS bought the adjacent former High School for Law Enforcement Careers ( the old George Washington School ) for $61 MILLION in a to the wire battle with a local oil company. STHS has generations of VERY deep pocketed alumni who ponied up a chunk of the $61 MILLION. Now STHS can build that football stadium or whatever. Things have gone way uptown since I attended back in the day.–early to mid 70’s.. My tuition then was $1000 per yr. Now it is over 10/12 thousand per year…

  • I once had a Harris County sheriffs deputy point a gun at my head while I was inside the building pictured lol

  • I lived here for just under a year back in 2014. It was gross. I hated it. I got out of my lease early because of mold and mildew issues. I hate to see “affordable” places disappear, but good riddance to this complex.