Bayou-Side 1964 Meadowcreek Mod Features Built-in Catalog of Wood Paneling

Who snuck all the wood paneling into this 4-plus-bedroom Meadowcreek Village mod on Berry Bayou? Its original owners, according to the home’s seller, who reports they ran a Houston lumber shop called All Woods Schroeder. The shop was located in the industrial complex at 5401 Lawndale just west of Country Club Place; this home served as a showcase for some of the exotic and fine woods it carried. That’s teak paneling you’re looking at above, wrapping the kitchen. For walnut, try the living room and dining room:


More teak in the den, kitchen, and breakfast room:

If this is the master bedroom and bath, we must be looking at cherry:

Bedrooms in birch,

pecky cypress,

. . . and red gum:

The wood species used in these bathrooms? You call them, for extra credit:

In the study, this is identified as Pineda pine:

A brand-new listing? Well, this year, yes. The home was listed in the second half of last year . . . and of the year before . . . and of the year before . . . and part of 2008 too, but never sold. As of yesterday, it’s back again with new pix — and last year’s price (lower than before): $195,000.

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  • Wow. Lots ‘o space for the price. LOVE the terrazzo and the vaulted beams. The deck and the old lady furniture need to go.

  • That’s pretty decent paneling but in the end it paneling and I’d have to replace alot of it with drywall and replace the floor with wood to makethe house livable.

  • Nice house on the bayou, as long as you don’t mind being sandwiched between Manchester, South Houston, and more petrochemicals than you can name in one breath. Close to the airport though!

  • Maybe you could just pull the paneling off the walls and put it on the floor. Voila! Instant teak flooring!

  • Oh, I don’t know….wait just 20 years, and wood panelling will be right back into fashion, and wood floors out of fashion. The house just needs to be a little patient. :-)

  • If any of you buy it and don’t want the wood paneling feel free to call me to remove it as long as I get to keep the wood! Much of the wood in that house is worth a fortune. I am currently removing all the paint from the clear heart redwood on my 1956 MCM home and sealing it naturally. You can see it here;

  • What isn’t livable about terrazzo floors and good wood is beyond me.

  • Lose the paneling and replace the windows with something more efficient and it could be a great place.

  • Hey! That’s my next-door neighbor’s house. Funky, loads of potential — kind of like the neighborhood, Meadowcreek Village.

  • I like everything except the deck and the green carpet. Meadowcreek area does have lots of potential. It’s a pretty neighborhood.

  • Oooh.. haven’t been able to grouse about houses in the 100 year flood plain in more than a year. One more sign the drought is over. And I just discovered that they’ve renamed the TSARP mapping tool as the “Flood Education Mapping Tool”,

    Every Houstonian should know about that valuable website.

    > Much of the wood in that house is worth a fortune

    Jason is right about that. I’ll take all that wide-plank cherry before it gets soggy, thank you very much.

  • I like Angeli’s comment, “the house just needs to be a little patient.” Beautiful woods. Green carpeting has to go!

  • I just looked at that map on that link, it has a creek behind it but it doesn’t look like the house is in the 100 year flood plain.

  • I even don’t mind the green carpet. The deck looks weathered but might be OK with new redwood. You wouldn’t be able to use all that outdoor furniture just out in the yard, it’d sink in, and you might not want to or be allowed to pave that whole area. Doesn’t look like the plain ol’ yard is anything special.

  • Angeli is right. Give it time.

    When my folks bought their first ‘new’ home in the late 50s, in a brand new SW Houston neighborhood with only 3 streets, hardwood oak floors were the norm in the low end houses.

    The high end houses in the sub-division, valued about 1-3 thousand dollars more than ours, got wool carpet.

    I think that’s one reason I can’t get real excited about wood floors today. They are nice, and a lot easier on the feet and legs than tile but to me, they are way overpriced.

    I’m glad ours are original 1940s.

  • the house was built nearly 50 years ago and unless the owner had an impressive supply of extra wood it appears original. Won’t 30 inches of rain overnight flood most of the Houston area regardless of 100 year or 500 year flood plain? Great house but it is on the wrong side of I45 for the price IMHO.

  • I, for one, love it. It’s as close as you’re ever going to get to live in the Brady Bunch house. I enjoy these time capsule homes – so much so that I bought my own a few years ago. Visitors ask me when I’m going to update – never, that’s when.