Bayou Trail Bike Route Signs Built for Two

These signs, in versions specially designed for both taller and shorter readers, are now posted on the north side of the recently revamped Buffalo Bayou trail just before it ducks under Memorial Dr., a reader informs Swamplot. Just in case the message isn’t clear: This trail is a bike route. Two sets of double signs are posted, for trailgoers in each direction.

Photos: Swamplot inbox

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  • I ride these trails a lot. I believe the short signs were there before and as they’ve now completed the concrete path revamp they’ve installed the tall signs. It would not surprise me if the short signs were removed in the coming weeks/months.

  • It would not surprise me if the short signs were NOT removed in the coming weeks/months.

    Fixed to account for government.

  • Great, we’re cutting a big check to Uncle Sam tonight.

  • It would not surprise me, if both signs were removed in the coming weeks/months, and the bike trail dug up to allow work on the water mains.

  • A bike route so nice they named it twice.

  • Is that a bike route?

  • Hard to see the base of both poles, but in the first shot the new pole has a breakaway base which is typically done on roadways for safety and to make it easier to repair or replace. My guess is Federal dollars where involved meaning TxDOT standards had to be followed and common sense ignored.

  • We aren’t sure, but it MIGHT be a bike route. Or not.

  • I believe Mike is correct. Double stop signs appeared in my neighborhood. We were given this exact reason when we complained that the original sign was in perfectly good condition and upgrades should be done as needed instead of scrapping perfectly good signs. Also, if the crew that installed the 2nd sign had also removed the first then taxpayers wouldn’t have to pay for a 2nd crew to come out. As for these new poles on a bike trail, I’m not so sure the force of a bicyclist hitting the break-away pole would be enough to trigger the break-away….Wasted $$$$

  • That’s not the only ridiculous signage. There are signs warning about the grades and curves as well. Even at top speed on my bicycle they’re pointless. Are the hopelessly inattentive really going to notice a sign?

  • That’s part of the strings that come attached with getting federal money for projects. They require standards that in reality just increase the costs of a project without really benefiting it. The only thing I could see hitting those posts in a situation where the pole loses (poles win versus bikes based on home video TV shows) would be a mower.

  • I see those grade signs every time I ride my bike. Every time I see them I have a WTF moment. Complete waste of tax money.