Bayou-Side Pseudo-Ice-House Idea Catching Attention of Houston Parks Board

BAYOU-SIDE PSEUDO-ICE-HOUSE IDEA CATCHING ATTENTION OF HOUSTON PARKS BOARD A tidbit tucked away at the bottom of Jen Kinney’s piece for Next City this week on architect and ice-house aficionado David Richmond’s speculative plan to put vaguely-ice-house-esque pavilion structures along Brays Bayou: the Houston Parks Board folks want to hear more about the idea. Richmond confirms to Swamplot that a meeting with some HPB reps did take place on Monday, and that the Bayou Greenways planners are interested in ways to attract more activity along the bayous, eventually — but says that the meetup was mostly to make introductions, and reiterates that there’s “nothing specific or formalized to report” at the moment. [Next City; previously on Swamplot] Rendering showing pavilion structure along Brays Bayou: David Richmond

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  • That spot would make a great spot to sit and take in the waterway and trails. Richmond knows it and is trying to get the jump on the rest of the pack. That old nabe behind it would be dozed in a decade once this spot gets developed. Bikers love this area and park plus the soonly renovated golf course is just around the bend . The Mason Park crossover bike/hike bridge is under construction and so it’s really inevitable once both sides of the bayous connect easily, although one still needs to cross 75th, that happenings happen here in a hurry.

  • Looks like a great spot for rape, loitering, and hobos. No thanks. Lets fix the flooding before we start decorating.

    We don’t need to reinvent the tree. And theres plenty of those on the trail.

  • This area needs a biergarten.