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  • Love the “Second befroom bath”… but I’d pass on this one for sure. Too much fug all around.

  • With the exception of the location and some of the decor, this place is fantastic!

  • Seems like a good deal. I wouldn’t relocate to Baytown, but if you are employed by one of the large refineries in the area, this could be your dream home.

  • Available to see Mar 5? Will the Christmas tree still be up?

  • Too many bookcases/shelves.

  • I don’t think the agent knows what “venturesome” means. It’s use fits perfectly in this context, but I doubt the agent intended to insult the home or potential buyers in the listing.

    venturesome- inclined to court or incur risk or danger: daring .

    Perhaps instead she meant to use “adventuresome”, which means “an unusual, exciting, and daring experience.”

  • Ha! Shades of Los Troncos on Westheimer!

    (I’ll be pleasantly surprised if anyone knows what I’m talking about)

  • “Venturesome” is perfectly suited to this home.
    Large fireplaces with insufficient return air to work.
    600W chandelier that doesn’t light the room.
    Remove ornaments to change dining room tree into simple, dusty, dimly-lit object.
    The thermal cover on the domed skylight precludes stargazing, but does help to keep the summer-month electric bill under $600.
    All desks and the master bed are cast concrete. Redecorating requires a jack-hammer.
    Shower in master bath is decorative without enclosure.
    Most interior walls are rough-finish stucco – perfect for gathering dust and bloody elbows.
    10 bald cypress trees means “knees” coming up everywhere, and they push the pavers surrounding the pool out of place.

  • @mel: don’t you just love it when people decide to get fancy with their (limited) vocabularies? Just yesterday I read a baby blog entry in which the author explained that, for quite some time, he’d been “buggered” by his wife “and some others” to write something for the blog. Well, whatever motivates you, right? … It has since been changed to “bugged.”

  • TWW: Too man–unless you are a big reader and have thousands of books piled chaotically in your shelf-poor home. (In other words, this house is perfect for me.)

  • The new owner may install library ladder tracks so that the shelves above 7′ can be easily reached.

  • katk, I do love the coincidence that the agent correctly used the wrong word.

  • This could satisfy those who were recently decrying the “cookie cutter” townhomes inside the loop.

    @TWW–I agree about the amount of selves and lack of cabinets, esp. in the kitchen.

  • Stack-and-stucco construction on post-tension slab. Styrofoam peanuts in the hollows of the cinder blocks. Spray-in urethane foam insulation on pool-side sloped roof. TechShield with ridge vents on back roof. Flat roofs are 6″ of tapered foam with white-surface bitumen build-up.
    Cinder-block enclosures in kitchen restrict width of appliances without mods, but the enclosures are not load-bearing.
    All counters are very high; the builder was 6′-4″. No openable windows.

  • From Hellsing:
    Ha! Shades of Los Troncos on Westheimer!

    (I’ll be pleasantly surprised if anyone knows what I’m talking about)

    Prepare to be pleasantly surprised, I ate there in the 60s, with my high school boyfriend and another time with my Mom and Dad. Odd that I now own a house just blocks from there

  • But,I thought the same thing on seeing that dining room. Every time I drive down Westheimer, I think about it. How did the fire marshall or the health department allow that place to stay open? Can you imagine the squirrels and mice scampering around at night after closing? Love it!!!

  • All of that cement and tile screams “flood zone” to me.

  • Original builder just didn’t like carpet.
    Site was built up before construction – it’s well above the 100-year flood zone, and stood high above Ike’s effects.
    There are some interesting local effects caused by ponding between buildings though.

  • miss_msry, I should have known I could depend on you! :) So true – it would never pass muster today. I’m sure the servers got quite a workout as well.