Becks Primed for 19th St.

How they gonna fit the burgers into those little canisters for the drive-thru? Beck’s Prime has bought the little 4,000-sq.-ft. standalone retail building at 115 W. 19th St. between Heights and Yale, Nancy Sarnoff reports. The 2-story building with the 4-lane detached drive-thru was last used as a Washington Mutual Bank.

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  • Interesting…I was just wondering what was going to become of this building.

  • Sliders only at the drive thru? Should be able to get at least 4 in one of those suckers.

  • Dang, it could have been a White Castle.

  • That’s GREAT! A local restaurant instead of a big chain. I always loved Becks and this will be a great addition to the neighborhood. Too bad there is no huge tree at this one though.

  • That’s a big building. Will this be a ‘sportatorium’?

  • Isn’t that too close to the school to serve anything alcoholic, even with a ‘membership’?

  • @tanith27: I think if you do memberships, you can be next to school and it’s still OK. Paulie’s on Westheimer is across the street from a middle school and serves drinks with a $1/yr membership. Of course, the future Beck’s is in the dry area, so they’d have to do memberships regardless of the distance from the school.

  • Have Heights residents started a “Stop the Heights Becks Prime” facebook page yet?

  • Becks prime will be a nice addition to the Heights. The drive-thru can always provide shade for an outdoor seating area since they don’t have the giant oak trees from the original location on Augusta. Or, perhaps they could keep the drive-thru for the SUV crowd that can then drive across the street to one of two CVS “suburban template” stores to purchase their pharmaceutical products–all without having to actually get out of their SUVs.

  • I can has cheezburger?

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