Behind a Wall on Woodway, All Cleaned Up and Ready for a Big Flip

Back in February, this 1970 Westhaven Estates home on a skinny lot fronting Woodway Dr. sold for $450,000. With its gray-scaled overhaul complete, the property with porch, patios, and pool re-appeared on the market last week with a one-digit-longer asking price: $1,295,000.


The original entry gates now open into a tidied-up front courtyard with a little fresh landscaping. A pergola semi-protects the short trek to the front doors, which face north.

Decorative glass panels still help light the foyer, but the wood finish of choice now serves espresso (above) instead of the earlier pecan (at right). Wood-altering renovations also ditched the foyer’s lattice-entertain-you accent wall, replaced hardwood floors with tile, and whitewashed the stairwell railings to better blend into the new scheme of things. That scheme is almost monochromatic, but not beige:

A wall of full-height windows and doors in the living and dining rooms faces a side patio. The open floor plan is shown free of furnishings in the listing photos, though the chandelier and mirrors in the dining room appear to have made the cut.

Here’s a peek at the zesty color schemes found in the previous listing:

The galley kitchen is all sleek and silvery now, with a little more storage now that the upper cabinets extend to the 9-ft. ceiling:

The 3,442-sq.-ft. home has 4 or 5 bedrooms and 3 and a half bathrooms. Here’s one on the first floor as it currently looks . . .

and where things started:

This bedroom appears to be the master suite; it’s in the part of the home that has a second story:

The reduced, wintery hues of the home make the cobalt tiles on the side patio’s fountain really pop:

The deep lot, about a quarter of an acre, has a pool. Beyond the ivy-covered wall appears to be the 2-car attached garage and driveway, accessed by a service alley fronting nearby Potomac St. There’s also a way in off Woodway, the listing says.

This year’s redo isn’t the home’s first. HCAD records show the home received an overhaul in 1990.

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  • OK, skip all that other stuff.


  • There are some missteps in this one, yeah. Did hardwood floors go out of style or something? But they cleaned out a lot of avocado and harvest gold, for sure.

  • Ouch. The original was very elegant and had a ’70s River Oaks vibe. (I went to the estate sale). The new version is blandtastic.

  • Yeah, I’m sure the original house was really cool –always loved there 70’s garden homes with the garden court–very elegant

  • I suppose removing the 1970s decor raises he value of be house somewhat, but almost 300%? I don’t see it. Many of the new finishes look really cheap.

  • I am usually pretty supportive about rehabs but this didn’t add a million to the value…

  • What a missed opportunity. Meh tile everywhere. And the kitchen…1.29M should not come with a Home Depot freestanding range. Even the canary yellow kitchen of yore had double ovens. D Minus.

  • real estate prices are rising faster than anyone believes!!

  • This looks like where they filmed logjammin’.

  • not sure if the previous posters are being sarcastic, but the old house was atrocious. obviously a lot of work done to the house–not sure if it justifies the new price, but so much better than what was there before.

  • Not worth the $845k premium since it appears only cosmetic/flooring/cabinetry changes were made without updates to intrastructure. At this price point, I would expect sophisticated choices and would certainly not expect that tract range, the same chandelier, same mirrored DR wall etc. It is nice SF on a huge lot in a tony hood.

  • All the excessive speculation and over pricing is starting to have the distinct stench of the early 80’s–and yeah, this is a total misfire at an update flip, they went cheap and it shows

  • Jackie Treehorn treats objects like women.

  • This is about as bad as it gets. Not only did they make terrible choices in the designs but now they’re trying to commit highway robbery.
    Whoever did this has no taste or conscience.
    I’ve seen much better on HGTV.

  • Whiteout!

  • I’ve seen several flippers trying to ask for laughably ridiculous prices recently. They are merely trying to see if someone falls for it. It will be off the market altogether soon or asking price dramatically cut. Shame on the realtor that agreed to list it at that price.

  • $800k buys a lot of white paint

  • The redo is simply horrible.

  • I wonder if they got the smell of dog piss out for the $850K. Note to the new buyer… sniff the master bedroom really good!

  • Henrietta: ah, that explains why they tore up the floors, I guess. I was wondering.

  • Not to mention that it is on a busy street…. This flipper is looking for a quick $600k payout and it isn’t going to happen.

    The market is smoking hot, not smoking crack.

  • The third bedroom making a statement as the largest room in the house.

  • If I’m dropping 1.3 on a house in Houston, TX, the names on the kitchen appliances better say Sub-Zero, Viking or Bosch. That kitchen is an absolute joke.

  • I saw this home and it is a lot better then it looks in the pictures. I was speaking with the realitor of the home and he was saying that the home was in for closure when the builder bought it, explaining the low price, 450,000. By the way the appliances are thermador. It also looks like the builder redid the landscaping. To me the house’s makeover really did well do the homes appearance!