Behind the Bricks of a 1965 Townhouse Manor Townhome



Windows don’t appear to be a priority for the street facades of this 1966 townhome in Townhouse Manor, tucked into the South Loop’s swoop west of Stella Link. The curve of the recessed entry porch hugs the corner curb line of the property, which is located on the neighborhood’s remaining entry street extending from the westbound 610 feeder road a block away (a freeway sound wall has walled off the others). This low-slung home has a contemporary exterior, but neighboring 1- and 2-story townhomes feature the architectural flourishes of various neo-styles.



The 1,608-sq.-ft. townhome popped up on the market last week, bearing a $325,000 asking price. The floor plan appears to be on the straight and narrow, with tile floors extending throughout. At the far end of the living room in the photo below, natural light from an interior window facing into a shallow court off the adjacent dining room joins the track lighting:


The open weave brick pattern on the outer wall of that exterior atrium acts as a screen to the cross street just beyond it:


HCAD’s account of the townhome’s ownership chain indicates it has changed owners about every decade, with a fiver here and there.


There are 3 bedrooms and 2 full bathrooms. The master suite bumps up its vertical with a tray ceiling. There seems to be some sort of natural light source in this space, but it’s only suggested in the reflections off the framed art.


The master bathroom gets at least one skylight — and theater lighting in the vanity area . . .


and inner sanctum by the tub:


Two of the bedrooms play peek-a-boo across an atrium. It looks like the other one has a booster air conditioning unit:



There’s an attached 2-car garage off a shared service alley behind the block of homes. Townhouse Manor has 185 townhomes and a few common courtyards. The neighborhood’s private pool and park are found a block away and around the bend of a switchback street in the middle of the community.

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  • Holy Batman. I used to work on a grounds maintenance crew one summer during my HS years. We groomed the grounds at this place. There were so many fricking little panels of grass & landscaping. That’s when I officially detested cutting grass,edging,etc. Years later I moved into a bungalow on the edge of Montrose and hired a yard crew.. Never have had ANY desire to maintain a lawn/yard. One of the biggest scams / time sucks of American life. I now live in a home with NO yard and I love it.. Al I do is water and weed the plant containers…