Bellaire Dumps Its Recycling Center

Bellaire’s city council voted this week to shut down its 2-decade-old recycling center on Edith St. near Lafayette Park. The city’s recycling committee attributes the site’s declining popularity to the city’s new curbside recycling program:

When the [curbside] program was expanded in 2008, pickup increased in tonnage from 1,231 to 1,578 tons collected in 2009, a 28 percent increase. During that same time, tons dropped off at the Bellaire Recycling Center has dropped to 347 tons in 2009. As recently as 2005, area residents dropped off 989 tons of recycling.

Photo of Debbie Marshall Bellaire Recycling Center, 4402 Edith St: Wikimedia Commons

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  • Makes sense – Bellaire curbside collects quite a bit including glass (unlike Houston’s regular curbside). I wonder if the land will be sold off to developers – it’s prime land right next to the wastewater facility!

  • Don’t forget the railroad tracks and HPD helipad.

  • Well that’s depressing. Where am I supposed to go and drop off my recylables now? I live just outside of Bellaire in a gated community and we don’t have curbside recycling. This was a very convenient spot where I could take my recyclabes.

  • Chris, Houston has the Westpark Recyling Center that isn’t that far out of the way (and the workers will take your stuff out of your car for you), and West U has one near Goode Co. Seafood.

  • I’m not sure which gated area outside of Bellaire but there is the West U RecyclExpress 24 hour dropoff which may be open to more than just West U residents (it’s located at 5004 Dincans) For COH – Westpark facility like mentioned above, 5100 Sunbeam depository (south central)..

  • Well I guess that means the grumpy old fart who used to ‘work’ there – meaning he watched people recycle their own stuff while critiquing their individual ‘tossing’ techniques – is going to have to spread his sunshine somewhere else. I never did throw my recycling into the dumpsters or trailers to his satisfaction. And I never did figure out what his purpose was other than to annoy folks. He is the reason I stopped going there. Who needs the added aggravation to an already unpleasant and stinky chore?