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  • That house is so close to being awesome, but something is just…off about it.

  • Lots of nice finishes, but 7000 sq ft of house on an 8400 sq ft lot? Even if I had the $2m to spend, I’d pass. Or maybe, ESPECIALLY if I had $2m to spend on a house, I’d pass. Ugh.

  • @Vonnegan – You’re just not living unless your house maxes out your lot…along similar lines, could you imagine a big fat lady at Wal-Mart without tiny little sweatpants? They just go together…

  • @Superdave, a very apt comparison!

  • If that kitchen was actually ever used, all that limestone above the stove wouldn’t have stayed white for long.

  • It’s a two story house, you plebeian prolitariat, so no, it does not max out the lot.

  • @commonsense, you are correct, its the pool that finishes off the lot…..