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  • Wrought iron ornamentation will continue to progress throughout a home if it is not caught early and properly treated.

  • Find the stuffed dog, win a prize.

  • On the HAR listing, In the exercise room, what is that angled wall with the opening to the attic? Permanent stairs? If it is, wouldn’t you want the opening sealed off to keep the air conditioning in and the attic heat, bugs, and vermin out? It looks like it has something plastic on it that I can’t make out..

    No one is going to refer to this home’s interior style as minimalist, are they?

  • ‘Dead Zoos’ are sickening

  • @Native Houstonian, I looked at a house with a setup like that probably about 5 years ago. It wasn’t in Bellaire though. In the house I looked at, it was indeed a permanent stair to what was formerly an uninsulated attic but had been converted into a workout room / man cave. As I recall, there were actually a couple of rooms up there, and they were air-conditioned and presumably insulated. In that house, the stairs were just as steep and narrow front-to-back as these, so if you had big feet, you’d have a little difficulty coming back down.