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  • Wow, that kitchen looks like it was a last minute thought….

  • Awful kitchen. Also, why do sellers think they have to advertise their religion in homes for sale? It turns off a lot of prospective buyers of different (or no) religions.

  • @Dan – I saw [minor] one decorative cross on the wall in the entryway, and nothing else indicating religion. Am I missing something?

    The tiled star-shaped inlay in the entryway made me cringe because it does not line up with the room, even though it does line up with the hole overhead. Putting furniture over it just feels wrong – like bad feng shui.

  • Why should sellers hide their religion because the house is for sale? If a prospective buyer can’t look past some crosses on the wall, that would seem to be their problem.

  • Dan: Uh, are you referring to a single simple cross on the wall? Does this really bother you? Do you really think it bothers anyone? And don’t worry, I suspect it’ll be taken down but the existing owner when the home sells.
    Man, if this is the kind of stuff that gets to people, we’re in more trouble than I thought.

  • Hide your religion and hide yourselves when selling a home,
    Unless yourself is classically tasteful and infectiously cozy .