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  • I love real books: the feel, the smell….don’t get me started.

  • This showcases a problem I always have with storage walls and other storage-overboard situations, including upper wall cabinets: I am 5’6″. I can’t reach my ceiling. What am I going to store up there?

  • Spoonman,

    A real full wall library has a rolling ladder.

  • Maybe they’re filling it from the ground up?:) When we moved into our house, with a similar wall full of built-in shelves in the den, we had a similar issue…even being two relatively bookish people, we couldn’t fill half of the wall with all our accumulated books. It is a bit ironic that, as the general public moves further away from having a lot of books (or, sadly, reading much at all), these sort of built-ins are becoming more of a fixture in homes. It gave me the idea of starting a business of providing books-as-decor, but apparently someone’s already had that idea, and sells books by the linear foot. I guess that saves me the moral dilemma of treating books as generic pottery barn-esque decor.

  • If you don’t have enough books to fill the cases, you space them out artistically using chotskies, potted plants, and other “fillers”. You don’t leave the top shelves bare.

  • Nobody said you had to pack the whole shelf with books, people. Be artful. Add photos, sculpture, whatever.

  • I wonder if this “short stack” is being flipped?… Sorry, couldn’t resist.

  • I like to think that leaving it bare is an ongoing challenge to read enough books to fill it..