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  • I understand the desire for cramming more space into an existing structure, but sometimes an attic should be left as an attic. A lot of these attic rooms end up having crazy ceilings sloping every which way, very low and variable height clearance (which seldom meets code), and the insulation is never sufficient for a conditioned air space that directly bumps up against an asphalt shingle roof. Also, in the process, many will add a full stairwell into the space (usually from the top floor to the attic), which typically requires subtracting square footage from the original living space.

    Long story short, IMHO the value added by the extra square footage is negligible unless it is useful and comfortable square footage.

  • Well, if you’ve ever pulled an melted or warped item out of an unfinished attic, or broken an item after accidentally dropping it down the foldout ladder, or tried to get up one of those foldout ladders when you have old knees or a bad back, then a finished attic with stairwell is most definitely useful and comfortable square footage. Since this house clocks in over 3600 square feet, I don’t think that the builder really had to subtract too much from the living space.

    A lot of these new Bellaire luxury houses are designed with either finished attics or with a design that allows for them. There are limits on the number of stories allowed in a Bellaire home, but an attic doesn’t count as a story, and so builders often make insulated, full-sized “attics” with their own A/C zones.